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Free buffet and take-away: in Terrablava you can always choose what you want to do!

Choose the menu you wish. And if you take it away, you can also choose since we prepare it for you. We want you to enjoy it wherever you want to be. Variety is assured. We offer:

SALADS: We provide you plenty of garden products so you can make your own salads. Also, you can choose from a wide variety of dressings: from a tartar sauce, berries sauce or mayonnaise, to traditional oil and vinegar and our Terrablava vinaigrette.

PIZZA: We put our effort in both the pasta and the pizza ingredients. The bread is cooked in a natural way which gives it a very distinctive flavor. And we do not limit ourselves to traditional pizzas but we combine multiple ingredients to meet any wish.

HOMEMADE SOUPS: One of our specialties is the wide variety of soups, broths and homemade creams, different every day. Mainly, vegetable soups although we use white meat or fish, to cook even better broths. Always assuring the use of natural ingredients.

ITALIAN PASTA: We boil every day spaghetti pasta, penne rigatoni, macaroni, farfalle and fettuccine, which can be eaten plane or with traditional and original exquisite sauces like broccoli, salmon, putanesca, four cheeses, sicilian, napolitanian , frutti di mare or mushroom sauce. All incredible!

MEDITERRANEAN FOOD: Fideuà, Spanish omelette, paella, mediterranean vegetables, beef stew, chicken, rabbit, cannelloni and all kind of traditional and homemade catalan cusine.

GRILLED: These dishes are not included in the self-service price, but you can order grilled meat, fish and seafood, and it will be served at the time at a very affordable price.

DESSERTS: We respect the seasonality of all fruits since we believe it is important for their full flavor and nutrients; therefore we only offer fruits in season. You can also enjoy a wide variety of ice creams, cakes and desserts such as yogurt, strawberries with cream, puddings, rice pudding with cinnamon, pears in red wine and much more.

BREAD: We cook the bread in our oven in order to ensure a crisp and high quality product.

WINE and DRINKS: Wine is an essential part of the Mediterranean diet. So our wine selection allows you to enjoy a quality offer; red, rosé and white wines as well as a selection of beers and soft drinks to combine. In Terrablava you can enjoy:

– Red: Marqués de Arienzo Rioja DO, DO Catalunya Synera.

– White: Blanc Pescador, Viña Sol

– Rosé: De Casta (Bodegas Torres).

– Cava: Excel.lència Brut (Freixenet)

– Beer: Estrella Damm and Moritz.

COFFEE AND TEAS: With our WMF machine, a specialized german machinery in the food sector, you will drink your coffee at the same time you wished it. 100% natural toast and decaf coffee. You can also choose from a wide variety of teas.

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